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tv   [untitled]    October 28, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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our loan modificationses why they're so difficult to achieve, because there's a lot of resistance from the banks that help make them happen and we need some tools to have leverage over the banks to actually negotiate with a stronger presence so we can get better results. i looked at the s.f. care's program, joining jpa with the city of richmond to get us in that direction. i don't believe there is support to get there today on the spot, but i do believe it's possible to get the city to look at this issue more deeply, to invest in possibly this approach, the sdsf cares approach [speaker not understood], using private investors who can negotiate the purchase of mortgages with the eminent domain as a backstop to help make that happen. there are other approaches as
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well that haven't been looked at. so, i have an amendment of the whole for this resolution that is really more looking at how we can as a city go deeper into studying the issue, what's working, what's not working in terms of supporting households with distressed mortgage, how can we explore more deeply the potential for partnership with the city of richmond and their principal reduction program, and this is a resolution, it's urging rather than making anything happen. and, so, that's why i believe it's possible to get your full support. so, as a member of the whole, i want to go over quickly and i think once you hear the language for it i think it's really possible that we could all support this and moving forward. ~ amendment of the whole you all have a copy with the chart changes before you. from establishing homeownership
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stabilization authority, we actually have an establishment of joint powers authority, we have [speaker not understood] homeowner stabilization authority, and other approaches he to assist homeowners with troubled mortgages. so, we're moving from actually negotiating an actual jopa to looking into establishing a jpa ~. and i do want to emphasize that we've worked closely with ace, the alliance of california communities for empowerment on this approach overall and they are okay with these changes that we are proposing and i wouldn't actually make these amendments without their understanding and recognition. so, then, we're moving into the resolution as is described in the bold language, resolution urging that a study of a potential joint powers agreement with the city of richmond to establish a homeownership stabilization authority as well as other possible approaches to assist
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homeowners with troubled mortgages. so, now we're moving away from this shall be done by the controller or the mayor's office of housing, but that we will look into [speaker not understood] that they study the issue for potential joint powers authority. of course, i want there to be a study in earnest and i want there to be actual work in addressing whether this is a real thing with the controller's office analysis, [speaker not understood] make happen. so, i'm hoping that the controller can oblige all of us if we vote on this resolution. then in the amendment of the whole you have before us, i'd like to make an amendment to this because i found we were rushing this together, on page 2 lines 18 through 22, and i want to thank supervisor norman yee for pointing this out to me. we have language that's duplicated elsewhere in the
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resolution. i would like to take out that section, to delete that section, lines 18 through 22 as part of page 2. i'll move on, the rest of the resolution is the same up until the third page when we get to our first resolve clause which says that, resolved that the board of supervisors of the city and county of san francisco is commit today assisting homeowners with troubled pos mortgages and here by directs the controller in consul tatetion with the city attorney's office, director of the mayor's office of housing and director of real estate to study a potential joint exercise of powers agreement with the city of richmond and possibly other public agencies that could contain the following provisions, and then that's listed below as they were listed below in the original version that came
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before this amendment of the whole. so, now we are moving from negotiate to study a potential thing that will be made. and then, again, based on supervisor yee's clear, well done proofreading, we'd like to change one of the second -- swap the second resolved clause with the third resolved clause. it just reads a little bit better that way. so, the third resolved clause is where we have the amendments that says, further resolved, and i take it, it say the following negotiation of the joint powers agreement by the controller -- instead, it will say that the board of supervisors urges the controller to provide the study -- again, it's a study -- of the proposed joint powers agreement and other possible approach he to assist
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homeowners with pos mortgage to the board of supervisors within 75 days of the approval of the board of supervisors of this resolution. and then we have another resolve clause later on that page that adds some language, takes out some language. i'll read it here. that the board of supervisors here by directs the mayor's office of housing to contact homeowner with pos loan to assess their interest in participating ~ in a program to assist them. we also want to make sure we're getting an understanding of the breadth of mortgages that are out there that are in the pos category as well. so, to me ins a resolution that is really urging the city to look into the issue, to come back with possibilities one of which could include a jpa and i would like to submit this as an amendment of the whole with that one section taken out and
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those two other sections flip-flopped. to me this helps to move the city forward. it asks there to be deeper work whether the mayor's office of housing, to address a blind spot that it had in the past and that would be something that could -- a tool -- tools we could create in the future when we expect there will be a downturn that could affect people's ability to pay their property mortgages in the future even though the problem that we've experienced the past five years isn't quite as bad a it what in the past. there still are household that are struggling and we know there will be many more in the future. i also have accompanying this as part of my throe he ducks today, a hearing request for the mayor's office of housing to come to the board of supervisors and report on new program that they will provide for household that are dealing
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with distressed mortgages, looking in particulate some of the different phenomenons we have of -- phenomena we have of how mortgages are in the distressed condition under water household, how difficult it is to get a modification even if you get into modifications with banks, and what the extent of private label securitization loans that are held in trust are in san francisco and what we expect those loans to do in future years where they could balloon or be in interest rates or cause greater distress for homeowners. ~ introduction so, i would like to submit this amendment of the whole. colleagues, i would ask for your support. later we'll get more information on what the city can do to provide support for studies, the mayor's office of housing, the controller's office if we support this urging resolution and then i don't believe we need to go into a closed session, and we can tie it up in a bow. >> supervisor avalos has made a
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motion for an amendment of the whole. is there a second to that? seconded by supervisor farrell. colleagues, any discussion on the motion to amend? without objection, we will adopt the amendment. [gavel] >> supervisor farrell. >> thank you, colleagues. first of all, i want to thank supervisor avalos for his work on this issue. i think it's something we obviously support. given the revised lapping wa, hopefully again it is something that we all support here this evening. i would suggest that he we, unless people have specific legal questions, i know many have been briefed individually. i might suggest we don't go into closed session this evening and would -- i could do it right now, make a motion to table item number 30 [speaker not understood]. >> supervisor farrell has made a motion to table the closed session motion. seconded by supervisor yee. without objection, the motion to table passes. [gavel] >> supervisor cohen. >> thank you very much. i wanted to also to speak briefly on this issue.
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actually a travesty how, how we as a city have addressed or rather have not addressed the foreclosure crisis in san francisco. i'm glad to see in the chamber the mayor's office of housing here as well as members of the controller and budget office here to listen to i think the small piece of public to comment that is here, but also to recognize the importance of homeownership, not just in a small section of san francisco, but the entire fabric of our city. and, supervisor avalos, i hope this measure will do exactly what you've described and would bring the parties to the table so that the conversation can continue to move forward and so that we can see action. particularly when i think about the discussionses around inclusionary housing that's coming on the market, when i think about some of the debates happening not only in the african-american community, also within the lgbt community
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of fear that people have, that units are coming online and there will be no protections to ensure that people who have been long-standing members of san francisco will have an opportunity to qualify and/or get -- apply, get into these particular programs. so, not only do we need to discuss about foreclosure, we also need to have a more long term discussion about the lottery system in our city. thank you. >> supervisor yee. >> thank you, president chiu. i want to thank supervisor avalos for making those amendments and providing the opportunity to look at one pathway to the solution. i actually went out to somebody's home this morning who is having -- who is being -- facing foreclosure and it really hit home again, reminded
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me the difficulties of homeowners who get their mortgages bought by a secondary company and then all of a sudden there's a lot of issues. whether the accuracy of the information is provided to the secondary mortgage companies and then all of a sudden you get a notice that you're foreclosed. i think we need to stand up as a city the difficulty homeowners are having with lending institutionses. >> supervisor avalos. >> thank you. i just wanted to -- there's been a lot of work on this resolution over the past many months. so, i want to thank people from the city attorney's office and the controller's office for their work on this. we had multiple meeting with community stakeholders and the private investors who will be partnering with the jpa. and i also want to thank jeremy pollack in my office for all of his work on this as well.
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he's done a tremendous amount of work, including ghost writing the op-ed, the examiner this morning. so, with that, colleague, i really urge your support on this resolution and i really think it's in the right pathway that can put the fire power of the mayor's office of housing or the controller's office, my office, and whoever else wants to be involved in the process to start looking at real programs that can make a difference. working class, middle class houses that are struggling with their mortgageses. >> and with that, colleague, unless there is any more discussion, let's take a roll call vote. >> on item 32 as amended, supervisor cohen? cohen aye. supervisor farrell? farrell aye. supervisor kim? kim aye. supervisor mar? mar aye. supervisor tang? tang aye. supervisor wiener? wiener aye. supervisor yee? yee aye. supervisor avalos? avalos aye. supervisor breed? breed aye. supervisor campos?
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campos aye. supervisor chiu? chiu aye. there are 11 ayes. >> this resolution is adopted. [gavel] >> madam clerk, could you please read the in memoriams? >> yes, today's meeting will be adjourned in memory of the following beloved individuals. on behalf of supervisor tang at the suggestion of supervisor tang on behalf of the full board of supervisors for the late mr. louis van [speaker not understood]. and ms. priscilla [speaker not understood]. >> i want to thank sfgov-tv with nona melkonian and jim smith for bringing this meeting to us. unfortunately while we were sitting here our giants were down. it is our duty as supervisors to root for our giants to make sure they win the world sear i. with that, madam clerk, are there any other item before us? >> go giants. >> with that, we are adjourned. go giants.
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>> order of the san francisco public utilities commission today is october 28, 2014, roll call. >> commissioner president caen commissioner courtney commissioner moran and commissioner torres is executed will we have quorum. >> before you, you have the minutes of october 14th any appendixes or correction. >> i'll move package and seeing none, all in favor, say i.
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opposed? the motion carries at this point i'd like to call for a public comment i have 3 speaker cards here sir. >> commissioners i want to welcome 0 commissioner anderson i watched how they gave you the kudos and i'm very happy you're here to serve another 2 or 4 years, 4 years we need our expertise i want you to read the minutes careful because the last time upper absent we discussed a
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number of things and the commissioners compasses a new chairperson we're very happy to have jack and ms. ann king and especially i'm very happy because like you, mr. moran she was an institutional memory and as was said in that discussion at the committee you are the living walking encyclopedia which we need you because there are many things happening where there are
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constituents talking about mountain tunnel. >> unless a member of the commission, the public, or staff so requests versus and they're talking about the latest technologies we can use with a sewer system improvement project and we the constituents are paying attention to those very important projects because it is about water it's about energy, it's about our waterfront about concentration and seawall rise and so on and so forth and young people in the schools are learning about it is not just like going to the schools and putting fau detectives there that's smith i can't think we can put of a sets in the public
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but be careful they don't carry diseases so i'm happy you're all going to be there for another 4 years and our chairperson for another 2 years and maybe get another 4 years that another commissioner commissioner courtney about use the experience to take us to a better place thank you very much. >> thank you, sir. >> dr. jackson. >> good afternoon dr. jackson i'm not going to repeat anything the gentleman said but welcome, welcome back i've been knowing him for a long, long time before there was
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a commission and i think because he have also told the truth he wouldn't lie i remember saying to him don't go around the bush tell it like it is and he got rid of and it hurt me very bad i want to say to the listening audience those who are watch i know paul i want you to get our bicycle and read about that all second corinthians one through 8 it is the vision of paradis i from hunters point shipyard had a vision but it's become the valley of the dry bones i would like to say that we as a people should understand that i do have a history of that shld
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they going to have a place we met and one day they tore it ban u down because of the toxins the politics that is being played on the people to come to san francisco to live over there and olsen lee have changed the map made it a different color and pit a to b that's why they built the housing and it's toxic over there more toxic than section e and you all do know anything about it but it is a crime i'm like ezekiel i'm the flower on the wall i'll be watching and come to tell you the truth like paul when god told him to put a stone on the side he didn't put no stone in my side i'm here to
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tell you the truth i don't see where the director was supposed to came back and bring you information about the 3 square feet of space in southeast i thought it was going to be on the agenda about that daycare center not there not there at all and i don't a like it i could have stayed in my bed but i want you to understand that those they've got a new man coming tomorrow from the mayor's office to talk about the building college and one day you all going to realize really realize that college was gotten by mitigation and because of people coming into my community.
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>> mr. kelly wasn't that letter distributed to dr. jackson. >> it's in the letter summary. >> i have a copy of it right here yeah. i have is a copy of it, too if anyone needs one are the copies over there. >> i believe it's in there. >> it's the last letter. >> so shall i take mine out?
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okay ms. lewis come forward please hello and thank you for the opportunity to speak i want to speak in brief about the collaborations in the bay area last week now thousands the second week in the south bay the e. coli break and in san francisco they're talking about the water but i want to talk about the enter connectivity and this commission power reaches beyond the borders of san francisco and the bayer it's a whole state you guys have a lot of power thank you. i've been 83 at that love different meetings i want you to that about the power i was at a
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meeting and they were talking about proposition 13 and what do i remember no buses and schools everything is cut and i didn't understand why parents wanted to save our property tax today, i am a homeowner so the proportion thirteen 13 are effecting their parents children and my great, great grandchildren the actions that you take in regards to the water that think about the collaborative i see disconnects because the decisions you make franco's hits on a couple of them i heard someone saying cut the retailer off of retailers now i'm distend to the ground
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water and not have hetch hetchy you have the purest water there and outside of the state don't understand the purest of that water we want to look at it from a collaborative prospective what impacts us impacts people across the board we have the rim fire and we would have been devastated but reliability and other ability because the land was taken away from the native people and we need to go back to respect the land can give back to us but as we rob and disrespect we'll continue to have arsenic and all the other containments i have the luxury of experiencing in santa fe thank you >> thank you very much. >> dr. jackson did you want to
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add to your remarks? >> yes. and thank you very much you know tomorrow there's going to be a meeting at southeast at the committee meeting and it says the topic of discussion the effort of the southeast community facility special guests theodore miller senior officer of the mayor and the special officer from the exterior affairs tomorrow i'll be letting those folks know this young man to take it back to the mayor i'm not giving up in space that's not the mayors jurisdiction not our staff jurisdictions to give up anything i'm tired of them taking away things we've fought for for many years i was around
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i'm 81 years old why should i have to talk about the southeast college about southeast college why should i help my children need to be getting their ged and trained for jobs why don't i need to be fighting with our folks you need to go somewhere and sit down i'm not giving you i'm not going to give up my community i'm giving my community hope that no way i'm going to allow tour staff to continue doing what they doing, if i have to get a lawyer and file a lawsuit against you the commission accident mayors and board of supervisors as well as did city planning a lus


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